Enjoy Being a Physician Again

Feeling burned out? Having a tough day? Talk it over with someone who gets it: a physician peer.

Share your concerns with someone who understands the daily strain you’re under and the added pressures of being a physician during a pandemic.

✓ Free To All Arizona Licensed Physicians

✓ Confidential. Individual. Informal.

✓ Peer Coaches Are Also Arizona Physicians 

You take care of people all the time

Who is taking care of you?

Too often, physicians avoid seeking emotional support when things get tough. Talking about personal struggles with friends, spouses or colleagues doesn’t always feel right.


The emotional stress and the pressure to always be “on” can take a toll.


If you are a licensed physician in Arizona, you can visit the Virtual Doctors’ Lounge and be paired with a trained peer coach who can help you alleviate the pressure that can sometimes lead to destructive behavior such as substance abuse, depression, or even suicide.

Doc to Doc. Let’s discuss it

Have a virtual “coffee” with a peer to discuss healthy coping mechanisms, especially during a pandemic. 

Work setting

3 Simple Steps to Feeling Better

Step 1

Find Your Peer

When completing the form, you will receive an email in a few business days about scheduling a phone session or virtual meeting. The difference is they have received evidence-based training from CCA and know how to help you.​

Step 2

Talk About It

Your peer coach will offer 3-5 individual sessions of up to 45 minutes each. Your sessions are FREE. Nothing will be recorded and no notes will be taken. Physician well-being is the No. 1 priority of this program.

Step 3

Enjoy Being a Physician Again

Your peer coach physician will help you clarify problem areas or offer resources and referrals as needed so you can take joy in helping others again.


Don’t tough it out alone

If you are struggling and want to have a casual and
a confidential conversation with a peer, this is for you.

10-12% of physicians

have a substance

abuse disorder

44% of physicians experience symptoms

of burnout

Almost 400 physicians

a year commit suicide

in the U.S.

Become part of the solution. Join us for a unique opportunity to be part of a community of support.
Connect to a physician peer coach in an evidence-based peer support program. 
We can help with referrals to other Arizona resources as needed.
Desk with Stethoscope

If you are a licensed physician in Arizona and have questions about the program, please email mdlounge@ccainc.com or call our confidential and dedicated line: (646) 809-0957

Not ready yet or have additional questions?

Are you in crisis?

While peer coaches are licensed physicians supported by CCA’s professional mental health clinicians, the program is not meant as an emergency resource. For any urgent issues or crisis situations, call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline. This line is not affiliated with CCA or ArMA.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Supporting Arizona Physicians

The Virtual Doctors’ Lounge is a program created by the Arizona Medical Association and developed by Corporate Counseling Associates, Inc. (CCA). This program is available for ALL licensed Arizona physicians to utilize and actively supports physician wellness.
Thanks to the Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System for providing grant funding for the valuable program.

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