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Peer conversations can help when life gets difficult.

Discreet, confidential, free.

Enhancing the Well-being of Arizona Physicians, Physicians in Training, and Medical Students.


We have had very positive results with the DOC2DOCAZ  peer support program. It was designed and geared towards you, the Licensed Physician and we are available to help you get through difficult times. 

We welcome all Arizona Physicians, Medical Students, Residents and Fellows to take advantage of this program.

This is NOT counseling. It's a peer-to-peer conversation. No notes are taken. No records or reporting.



How It Works. For You. 
Taking care of yourself is part of taking care of others.





Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you struggling emotionally?

  • Is stress, fatigue, or burnout affecting your life and the enjoyment of your work?

  • Are you not quite yourself at work? At home?

  • Could you benefit from connecting to a peer (another physician who ‘gets it’) who can provide support by listening and talking?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above, fill out the form with your preferences and some background info.
This is private and confidential. You don’t even have to share your name if that makes you more comfortable. Tell us how to best serve you with this program.

You will be connected (within 2 days) with a trained physician peer coach through the DOC2DOCAZ program. All coaches are Arizona physician volunteers.

Set up a PEER CONNECT session to start your journey to a better place.


Confidential and Free. No reporting or notes taken. Not counseling.

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You're not alone.

If you are struggling and want to have an informal and
a confidential conversation with a peer, this is for you.

of physicians report having inappropriate feelings of anger, tearfulness, or anxiety.

 of physicians experience symptoms of burnout

One doctor in the U.S.

dies every day by suicide.

indicate connection with colleagues has been helpful in maintaining well-being.

of physicians report increased substance abuse

of physicians reported they sought medical attention for their mental health symptoms

Statistical information from Physicians Foundation 2020 Survey of America's Physicians COVID-19 Impact Edition Part 2

Peer Matched Testimonials

Listen to what others who have experienced DOC2DOCAZ have to say...

This has been a great experience. I moved out of state, thousands of miles from friends and family, just as the pandemic hit. It was so helpful to have someone to talk with about what I was going through. Thank you!

My peer coach initiated follow-up emails. Her help and guidance is very much appreciated. Now I am in a better position. I needed that help during those stressful times.

“I have worked so hard to get where I am.    
       Thank you for helping me enjoy my work again.”


If you are a licensed physician in Arizona,
please call our confidential and dedicated line:

(646) 809-0957

Thanks to the Arizona Department of Health Services and Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System for providing grant funding for the valuable program.

The following organizations are contributors to the development and success of the
DOC2DOCAZ  Program:
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Arizona Department of Health Services lo
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