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DOC2DOCAZ is an evidence-based peer support program for Arizona physicians.
  • Participation in the program is Free To Arizona Licensed Physicians
  • Confidential. Individual. No notes or records. Not formal counseling

  • This program is in partnership with Corporate Counseling Associates, Inc., and being made possible through grant funding provided by the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. 

Hear from a few of our peer coaches on their experience since the program launch:

Watch the ARMA town hall webinar on this specialized program:

Become part of the solution. Join us for a unique opportunity to be part of a community of support.
Connect to a trained physician peer coach in an evidence-based peer support program. 
We can help with referrals to other Arizona resources as needed.


To provide participants with support and empathy around current professional stressors, help them to clarify problem areas, and connect them with professional services as needed.

Physician Peer Coaches can help other Physicians cope with:

  • Daily Strain

  • Added emotional stress due to COVID-19 pandemic

  • Emotional burnout

  • Concerns about substance abuse, depression, and suicide


If you are a licensed Arizona physician interested in connecting with a peer coach, please submit the contact form. All peer coaching is strictly informal and all contact with DOC2DOCAZ is confidential. In fact, you don't even have to submit your full name. (Initials only if you prefer anonymity).


Once you submit your information and any special requests, you will be matched with an available peer coach who will contact you via email to set up a peer coaching session via conference line or video platform.  Peer coaches will offer 3-5 sessions of up to 45 minutes, and can assist participants to connect with professional services as needed. 


If you have questions about the program, please email: or please call our confidential and dedicated line: (646) 809-0957

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