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You take care of people all the time. 
Who is taking care of you?

Too often, physicians avoid seeking emotional support when things get tough. Talking about personal struggles with friends, spouses or colleagues doesn’t always feel right.

The emotional stress and the pressure to always be “on” can take a toll.

As a licensed physician in Arizona, you have FREE and CONFIDENTIAL access to DOC2DOCAZ.  Simply fill out the FORM to be connected with a peer physician coach. Your coach can then help alleviate the pressure and avoid destructive behaviors such as substance abuse. The DOC2DOCAZ program is designed to help develop healthier coping strategies and learn improved self-care. 

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Good to Know

Resource Links

National Physician Suicide Awareness Day
National Physician Suicide Awareness Day in 2021, #NPSADay reached 1.2 million people and received sign-on support from 54 organizations that resulted in a total of 26,000 actions taken to prevent suicide.

The Physicians Foundation

Physician burnout has devastating effects on the access, quality and cost of our country’s health care.  

Learn more about Physician Wellbeing

The Physicians Foundation
New Survey Reveals 55% of Physicians Know a Physician Who Considered, Attempted or Died by Suicide

The Arizona Medical Association (ArMA)

The Arizona Medical Association (ArMA) has represented the interests of physicians and the patients they serve for more than 125 years. Become a part of this legacy and enjoy numerous member benefits by joining today. 

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